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Новые герои еврейской истории

Гуляючи по сети, обнаружил очередной сайт из серии This Day in Jewish History.

Обычно на подобных ресурсах обнаруживается бесконечны список погромов и прочих ахтунгов. Однако в этот раз создатели решили пойти другим путем, и несколько еврейскую историю разнообразить. В результате 13, к примеру, сентября оказалось облагодетельственым следующим событием еврейской истории:

The building of Hadrian's Wall begins. The wall was named for Hadrian, the Roman Emperor who had it built as part of plan to set limits on the size of the Roman Empire and to essentially go over to a defensive posture.

Вы спросите, причем тут евреи. Щас вам все объяснят:

For the Jews, Hadrian was no “prince of peace” since he is the suppressed the Bar Kochba Revolt with vehemence and violence.

Прочитав сие, уже даже не удивляешься, обнаружив на сайты и другие "еврейские" даты:

1635: The Massachusetts General Court banished Separatist preacher Roger Williams, 32, for criticizing the Massachusetts Bay Company charter and for perpetually advocating a separation of church and state. Williams would end up with his own colony, Rhode Island, where rules of religious toleration would become the template for the future United States. Of course, it was the values and vision of Williams that made the United States such a hospitable place for Jewish migration and development.

1759: At the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, the British defeat French near Quebec City in the Seven Years' War, known in the United States as the French and Indian War. This victory led to a peace treaty that made Canada an English Colony. English colonies were usually more hospitable venues for the growth of Jewish communities. In 1760, the first Jewish families arrived in Montreal and by 1768 they had formed the first congregation in Canada called Shearith Israel.

Больше всего, пожалуй, порадовало следующее событие:

1503: Michelangelo begins work on his statue of David. While the statue may win high marks as Renaissance heart, it gets a big “F” in Halakah since the statue of the Jewish king is of an uncircumcised male.

В общем, как в анекдоте: если бы у птиц была шерсть, в ней бы водились блохи...

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