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Сбросить Данте с корабля современности

Dante's medieval classic the Divine Comedy has been condemned as racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic by a group calling for it to be removed from classrooms.

Gherush92 singled out some particular cantos from Dante's masterwork for criticism: Inferno's 34th, which tells of Judas, endlessly chewed in the teeth of Lucifer, and 28th, in which Mohammed is depicted torn "from the chin down to the part that gives out the foulest sound", as well as Purgatorio's 26th, which shows homosexuals under a rain of fire in purgatory. The work, it says, slanders the Jewish people, depicts Islam as a heresy and is homophobic.

Комментировать, слава Богу, не надо, поскольку это уже сделали сами итальянцы. Literary historian, critic and author Giulio Ferroni called the comments "another frenzy of political correctness, combined with an utter lack of historical sense".

Но вообще паки и паки повторю, что товарисчам стоило бы не мелочиться, и наехать сразу на Библию, поскольку там и гомофобия, и вообще черт знает что. С учетом обстоятельств времени и места, может получиться весьма интересно.

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