о.Арониус (o_aronius) wrote,

Британское правосудие и еврейские школы

Britain's Jewish community is in an uproar over the Court of Appeal's ruling that a policy, exercised by many Jewish schools in the United Kingdom, of not accepting students whose mothers are not Jewish is racist. The case began when a British couple sued the largest and oldest Jewish high school in Britain - the Jewish Free School (JFS) - over its refusal to accept their son as a student because his mother did not convert in an Orthodox ceremony.

Faith schools may discriminate on religious grounds but the court held that the JFS policy involved a test of ethnicity, which is unlawful.

"The motive for the discrimination, whether benign or malign, theological or supremacist, makes it no less and no more unlawful," the three judges - Lords Justice Sedley and Rimer, and Lady Justice Smith - said. "The refusal of JFS to admit [the student] was accordingly, in our judgment, less favourable treatment of him on racial grounds...eligibility must depend on faith, however defined, and not on ethnicity."

В логике, кстати, британцам не откажешь. Ибо галахические нормы, которыми в данном случае руководствуется школа, имеют, кажется, только один юридический аналог - законы наследования крепостного состояния. И применение подобных норм в современном обществе выглядит, скажем так, несколько странно.

А если иудаизм - религия, то тогда, как справедливо заметил суд, нужно говорить о верованиях и убеждениях. Т.е. о вещах, которые не передаются половым путем по женской линии.

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