о.Арониус (o_aronius) wrote,

Избранные места из рабочей переписки

Обмен письмами между работником еврейской школы YY и координатором проекта NN, по поводу моей предстоящей лекции:

Dear NN
I will speak to our director and return to you about the hour of the lesson. We will refresh our students memory.
Please tell Dr. Levin that not all of our students are Jewish and we must be very carefull in the lecture not to create a conflict or hurt their feelings.

Dear YY,

We know very well that not all of your students are Jewish, (as well as in all other schools). We wanted o treat the subject of Judaism vs Christianity because all students - Jewish and non-Jewish - are subjected to massive Christian propaganda via TV and mass media. They feel confused about the origin of Christianity. As far as we can see, many of them are better acquainted with Christianity than with Judaism.
Dr. L. is one of those rare people whose attitude to Christianity is not hostile, so I think he will not offend anyone.

ИМХО - очень точное описание того, что есть. Как относительно школьников, так и в отношении педагогов.

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