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Православным, читающим этот журнал - наши поздравления с наступающим праздником.

Hу а для иудеев - несколько "календарныч" цитат:

1. Abarbanel, Commentary to Deut. 4.

There is no doubt that this was the most powerful of providential acts that G-d brought about so that the Torah should not be lost completely. For when He foresaw the long duration of this great exile [of the Jewish people], He saw that if we [Jews] were to live among the idolatrous cultures of antiquity, who had neither heard of the Torah nor witnessed its greatness, then Torah would soon be forgotten . . . That is why [G-d] prepared the cure before the disease by exiling [Jewry] among nations who supported [the Torah], and in this way the Torah was sustained by us during this long exile. For as we see with our eyes, these nations [i.e. the Christian and Islamic countries of the Middle Ages] acknowledge the truth [of the Torah] and hold it in high regard, and there is no difference [between them and us] except in their understanding of it. Because of this the Torah remains strong and enduring among us.
Abarbanel, Commentary to Deut. 4.

2.We should consider Christians and Muslims as instruments that will help bring about the recognition of God by all men on earth. While the [heathen] nations worshipped their idols and denied the existence of God, and thus recognized neither the power of G-d nor the principle of reward and punishment, the existence of Christians and Muslims helped disseminate among the nations the awareness of God's existence, and introduced into the most distant lands the realization that there is a God who rules the world, who rewards and punishes, and who has revealed Himself to men.
Indeed, thinking Christian scholars have not only taught the nations to accept the written revelation but have also acted as defenders of the oral revelation which is equally of Divine origin. For when vicious people from our own midst, sworn enemies of the Law of God, conspired to abrogate the Talmud and to do away with it, there arose from among the non-Jews defenders who fought against these attempts

R. Yaakov Emden, Commentary to Avot 4:13.

3. The Christian nations among whom we live, generally observe the principles of justice and righteousness, believe in the creation of the world and the existence and providence of Gоd, and in the Law of Moses and the prophets, and oppose the Sadducean view that denies the resurrection of the dead and the immortality of the soul. Therefore it is fitting to be thankful to them, to praise and extol them, and to bring upon them blessings and not, God forbid, curses
Introduction to R. Jonathan Eybeschuetz, Kreti u-Pleti

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