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Война полоФФ

Собирая материал для одного проекта, нашел изумительную статью, автор которой, некий рабби Давид Эйденсон, Поведал нам главную военную тайну - пАчему современные женщины вообще, и ортодоксальные женщины в частности, нЭнавидят мужчин:

Women taught to succeed in life by becoming a professor or a doctor may need to delay marriage and children for many years. This is deleterious to any woman, but to Orthodox girls it is very bad. Other women, with the pill, can have both worlds, even if having children and maybe even marriage have to be postponed. If they, like many other successful women, miss the boat, so it's not the end of the world. There are at present in the secular world no taboos on being single or childless.

The Orthodox lady has it much harder. She must marry. She must have children. She can't run around. Are we asking too much of her? Yes.

She is Orthodox. She dresses to kill every day, sits in an office or classroom with all types of men, and her hormones are fine, thank you. What do you think is going to happen? Tephilin dates. In case you don't know what a Tephilin date is, I am not going to explain it here. Or, maybe I should. After all, isn't this article about the things that women have to suffer from? What could be worse than having to accommodate men in such a way that they have to bring their Tephilin on a date?

Every woman who has to give without marriage hates men. The pain of a woman who gives a man pleasure and he doesn't pay for it is beyond a man's ability to understand, but it is awful...

Modern Orthodox man, you are a predator. The community leaders who talk about women's rights, why don't they talk about Tephilin dates? Why don't they stand up for their own girls who have to become prostitutes?

Подробно разбирать весь этот поток демагогии и передергиваний мне, признаться, лениво. Поэтому, как учат нас умные люди, сосредоточусь на полной половине стакана. Судя по истерике ребе Эйденсона, Tephilin date (свидание, на которое ортодоксальный еврей берет тфилин, поскольку будет ночевать не дома) стало в Америке достаточно массовым явлением.
И это, ИМХО, не может не радовать.

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