April 27th, 2008


Сегодня яйца с треском разбиваются(с)

Православным и сочувствующим - наши поздравления с праздником.

Ну а в качестве бонуса - знаменитое письмо p. Якова Эмдена "Seder Olam Rabbah Vezuta', в котороим он излагает свое отношение к христианству и Иисусу:

It is therefore a habitual saying of mine (not as a hypocritical flatterer, God forbid, for I am of the faithful believers of Israel, and I know well that the remnant of Israel will not speak falsehood, nor will their mouths contain a deceitful tongue) that the Nazarene brought about a double kindness in the world. On the one hand, he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically, as mentioned earlier, and not one of our Sages spoke out more emphatically concerning the immutability of the Torah. And on the other hand, he did much good for the Gentiles (provided they do not turn about his intent as they please, as some foolish ones have done because they did not fully understand the intent of the authors of the Gospels. I have recently seen someone publish a book, and he had no idea about what he was writing. For if he had understood the subject, he would have kept his silence and not wasted the paper and ink. There are also found among us foolish scholars who know not their right from their left in the Written and Oral Torahs and cause the people to err with their pompous pronouncements. But there are true scholars among the Christians, just as there are the chosen few among Torah scholars; and there are few of the truly great.) by doing away with idolatry and removing the images from their midst. He obligated them with the Seven Commandments so that they should not be as the beasts of the field.

И этот марксисткий подход к старине давно применяется в нашей стране (c)

Гуляючи по журналам, обнаружил новый рекорд толерастиоческого мЫшления:

А мы на этот седер даже без Хагады решили обойтись - среди приглашенных гоев имелась одна египтянка, могло неловко получиться. Только Хад Гадью спели, она нейтральная.

Линк, подумав, решил не давать, чтобы не выглядело как персональный наезд.

Интересно, кстати, выдвигал ли уже кто-нибудь проект о запрете преподавания истории в качестве инструмента воспитания толерантности. Если нет, то странно, очень странно.
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