December 7th, 2006


Мне мама в детстве выколола глазки, чтоб я на улице на гоев не смотрел

В обсуждении особенностeй бейт-шемешского благочестия некоторые его участники деликатно интересовались, предел ли это, или еще осталось, куда продвигаться в святости и праведности. Так вот, могу официально заявить: Бейт-Шемеш - это еще не финал, и даже, возможно, не плай-офф:

We went shopping on sunday with my 7 year old boy to a shopping mall, upon entering the store he puts his hands on his eyes in front of all the people around so we asked him what hes doing and he says that hes not looking at the GOYIM (non jews). Basically I had nothing to say, my hub said you dont have to put your hands over your eyes, just look down. It's a tough situation because hes getting this from somone I assume from his rebbe, so I dont want to say anything against what his rebbe told him,,,, anyway I'm really confused about this any ideas advice?

Очень советую прочитать тат же все комментарии. Ибо там тоже "груды золота лежат":

I live in an apartment building with lots of goyim, and when he saw one of them he put his hand on the side of his face so that he could see everything besides for that person (who thankfully did not notice). He then told me on his own "I want my eyes to be heilig (holy), so I'm not looking at him."...

I once baby-sat for a kid who whispered to me that not all people are Jewish, did I know that? I also once overheard a kid telling her grandmother that goyim don't brush their teeth...

My four year old dd has been going through something similar. Anytime she talks about someone bad she says they're "goy's"...

P.S. Cправедливости ради следует отметить, что большинство участников дискуссии, похоже - люди вполне вменяемые, которым от подобной "святости" тоже весьма неуютно.