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С рабочего стола: загадочный город Хорьков; антисемит и хасиды

В поисках материалов для одного проекта наткнулся на на заметку на сайте Национальной библиотеке Израиля о достаточно малоизвестных событиях: беспорядках в австрийской Галиции (конец XIX века), принимавших антиеврейский характер. Заметка как заметка, но есть нюанс. Вернее, целых два нюанса. Во-первых, подпись под первой фотографией, использованной в качестве иллюстрации, гласит:

Victims of the Khorkov Pogrom, 1919.

И что это за город Хорьков, мне, увы, понять так и не удалось. Поэтому с радостью приму любые версии.

А во-вторых, в конце заметки автор пишет:

It’s likely that this type of violence occurred in Kulikow, particularly around the time of the contentious election of 1907, which saw the National Democratic Party, with its anti-Semitic rhetoric, winning a number of seats in the Imperial Council in Vienna (the Reichsrat).

Однако о том, как именни победил эндек, в заметке не сказано. А между тем, это история не менее интересная - и очень показательная!

“The Jewish community played an important role in the election campaign to the Austrian parliament. In 1907 the Viennese parliament passed a law eliminating the system of constituencies, and suffrage was granted to all citizens of the empire. This act aroused new hopes and possibilities among the Jews in Galicia. In the Zionist camp, preparations on a large scale began for the elections that took place between 17 and 27 May 1907. Election publicity was organized throughout Galicia that was also geared toward realizing Zionist ideals. Wherever there was a Jewish community, candidates were nominated. Gatherings were held, speeches were made; preachers and rabbis and just ordinary Jews aroused the masses from their political lethargy and brought into the darkened streets of Galicia light, national hope, and political clarification.
Rohatyn belonged to the 29th election district, which encompassed the municipal areas of Brzeżany, Rohatyn, Chodórow, and Brzozdowce. The Zionist organization of the district nominated the well-known Zionist leader Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Rappaport. The Polish choice for nominee to the Austrian parliament was Dr. Wladyslaw Dulemba [Władysław Dułęba], who was nominated by dint of terror, bribery, and fraud. He had been the representative for the district in 1902. Dulemba was backed by assimilationists but also received aid from the court of the Admor (rabbi and spiritual leader) of Belz. The Admor ordered his Hasidim [pious followers] not to vote for the Zionist, Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Rappaport, but to vote for the Pole Dr. Dulemba who, as it was known, was one of the leaders of the [Polish] National Democrats [Endecja].

Проще говоря, депутат от антисемитской партии прошел, в том числе, голосами хасидов! Голосовавших согласно указаниям своего ребе, чтобы, не дай бог, не поддержать сиониста.

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