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Календарное: Агада Гитлера

О "Книге Эстер" с иллюстрациями Артура Шика, в которой художник изобразил Амана в костюме, украшенном свастиками, знают, думаю, многие. Однако недавно благодаря проделкам Фикса Цукерберга, подсубовшего мне в ленту рассылку альма-матери, аз, многогрешный, узнал другом издании, навеянном тем же Бахом - "АГАДЕ ГИТЛЕРА"!!!

Йонни Шницер, обнаруживший этот раритет, пишет об этой книге:

Hitler’s Haggadah was published in Rabat, Morocco, in Judeo-Arabic, around 1944. An anonymous author does what the sages told us we should all be doing. We should see ourselves as if the traditional Haggadah is about us, about what is happening in our very generation. And indeed, while sticking rigidly to the classic structure of the “Magid” section of the Haggadah, the author rewrites it to tell the story of World War Two, the Holocaust and the Allied victory over the Nazis – all from the view point of a North African Jew.

The text is deep, dramatic and sometimes comical. Its charm is in its simplicity. Above all, it carries an inspiring message of Jewish unity, solidarity & a shared fate. So, for example, in Hitler’s Haggadah, the ones being kicked out of Egypt are the Italian soldiers and this time it is their Macaroni dough that doesn’t have enough time to rise. The inspiration to publish the text may well have been the author’s witnessing the Allied troops kicking Rommel and the Nazis out of Egypt and as such, the innovation in Hitler’s Haggadah is that this time, it is the forces of evil who are taken out of Egypt!

One might think it is tasteless to have chosen such a title but bear in mind that Hitler’s Haggadah was not a traditional Haggadah but more of a supplement, giving a rewritten take, a modern reading of the Magid section. It may well have served North African Jews during years when reading the actual words of the Haggadah, like redemption, seemed so far away. Moreover, a look into the cultural context proves that there were many such similar texts. To mention one – Hitler’s Megillah, the same idea but for Purim and it was actually intended to be read in synagogue!

Поскольку перевода этой Агады нет (означенный Шницер вроде собирает на это деньги), ничего больше о ней сказать не могу. Кроме того, что, по-видимому, автор и его окружение имели весьма смутное представление о том, что происходило в то время в Восточной Европе. Если вообще что-нибудь об этом знали.

P. S. Для тех, кто не видел - упомянутая "Книга Эстер" Шика выглядела, например, так:


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