о.Арониус (o_aronius) wrote,

Шутки дедушки Фрейда и историческая память

Помните довлатовское "собрали вещи, отвезли в армянскую синагогу"? Так вот, аналогичный случай приключисля сегодня в нашем уезде.

The plan to attack Auschwitz, which Pilecki proposed to the underground forces, was never approved. He continued with his resistance activities and fought in the Polish Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1944, about a year after the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto revolt. He subsequently fell into German hands as a POW but eventually returned to fight on behalf of the resistance. At the end of World War II he actively opposed the communist occupation of his homeland, which led to his arrest in 1947.

Для тех, у кого не откроется (там замок, но довольно кривой) - это газета Ha-Aretz поместила заметку о Витольде Пилецком.
Наглядная иллюстрация на тему исторической памяти.

Отдельная благодарность уважаемому almony за картинку.

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