о.Арониус (o_aronius) wrote,

Доминго в Израиле?

Только что прочел в "Почве":

Placido Domingo... is due to come to Tel Aviv in October for the Operalia competition, which he established in 1993 – a kind of “The Voice” reality talent show for beginning opera singers – and he is even expected to conduct the Israeli Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion during the finals.

В газете для думающих людей по этому поводу, разумеется, дежурная истерика (некой Ширы Макин, просвещенной до такой степени, что мадам (мадмуазель?) даже не в курсе, что Доминго давно уже не тенор, а баритон. Но опера пока держится:

About the accusations, the Israeli Opera said that “The articles published in the newspaper about Domingo have yet to become an official complaint, no investigation has been opened because of them, no indictment or civil suit has been filed” and “there is no place for a field court-martial.”

Будем надеяться, что и дальше не прогнутся!

P. S. В статье есть и другие приятные сведения. Аз, многогрешный, уже об этом писал, но все равно процитирую:

While respected institutions in the United States have canceled events with the tenor, on the other side of the ocean, he still gets a royal welcome. He received a standing ovation at the Salzburg Festival in Austria and sang a lead role in Verdi’s “Nabucco” at the Zurich Opera. Last month he was cheered after a performance at the Berlin opera house, despite a protest by activists and female politicians.

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