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В свое время аз, многогрешный, писал o Бен-Ционе Динуре (Динабурге), который, получив раввинский диплом, не только выбрал академическую, а не духовную карьеру, но и стал активистом Социалистической еврейской рабочей партии (СЕРП).

И вот вчера аз, многогрешный, прочел о еще более интересной судьбе несостоявшегося раввина:

NN (1886–1938) was born into a family of craftsworkers in Sebezh, in the Vitebsk province. His early life was shaped by an Orthodox, religious upbringing. During his childhood the local rabbi lived in the NN household; by the time NN was twelve, he was studying in the yeshiva. Indeed, NN would go on to study at both the Slobodka and Lubavitch yeshivas, and by the age of eighteen had received two rabbinical ordinations, one from the renowed rabbi Khaim Ozer Grodzenskii of Vilna. In 1903, however, NN broke from his rabbical career and entered a gymnasium, where he came into contact with illegal socialist circles. Soon after, he joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, and subsequently the Bolsheviks, helping the party to translate materials into Yiddish and Hebrew. He was arrested in 1906 and 1908 for participating in underground groups in Riga and Minsk. In 1909, he was sentenced to five years’ exile in Sibera, some of which he served, before fleeing abroad, first to Germany and then to France. In Paris, still a committed Bolshevik, NN worked in a factory and founded a Jewish workers’ club in Montmartre. Events in Russia pulled him back, however: in May 1917, he returned to Riga, where he joined the Bolshevik committee and edited the newspaper Okopnaia Pravda.

Назвать имя NN традиционно предлагается читателям, без помощи Гугля. В качестве подсказки: раввинское прошлое наиболее интересно в контексте некоторых этапов послереволюционной карьеры нашего героя. Заставляющей вспомнить одного из известных персонажей Талмуда.

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