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Традиционный мини-свояк по материалам читаемой книги.
Всякий, кому довелось иметь дело с ресурсами типа "Этот день в еврейской истории", хорошо знает, сколь тщательно там фиксируются все случаи насилия против евреев. Однако история, приведенная ниже, мне кажется, является практически неизвестной, хотя речь идет об из ряда вон выходящем событии: нападении на детский (sic!) санаторий, в ходе которого только чудом никто не пострадал:

Around two o’clock in the afternoon, a band of 150 men attacked the Sanitarium and carried out a pogrom. They broke into the electrical station and ruined it; they entered the kitchen and broke dishes and utensils; they attacked the medical and technical personnel; the teacher Mordkhe Gilinski (Batke) was struck on the head with an iron bar; they didn’t even spare the women and beat up Dr. Cibulski; they broke the window panes in all the buildings and even in the isolation ward (a small building that housed the children confined to bed with a high fever). But all this was still nothing for them: they also started a wild spree of shooting, and a large number of bullets landed in some of the rooms, including the children’s clubroom. Fortunately, the children had already been led out of it and none were struck by a bullet.

One can easily imagine the panic that gripped the children. When the sanitarium personnel regained their composure, some of the teachers and nurses grabbed the children and took them off to far corners of the sanitarium; others began to fight back. The board member Brumberg fought very bravely against the band of pogromchiks. When the personnel tried to telephone to let us know about the attack, it turned out the attackers had cut the phone wires. Brumberg sent one of the personnel out a back way to get to a phone and
telephone us to let us know what the pogromchiks had done

Ну и теперь, собственно, мини-свояк: без помощи Гугля - где, когда, и, главное, кем было совершено это нападение?

UPDATE: в комментах уже появился правильный ответ.

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