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Новые гонения на святую веру

В свете известных израильских дискуссий - интересная новость из Америки, где буквально на глазах разворачивается история в лучших традициях эпохи просвещенного и не слишком просвещенного абсолютизма.
UPDATE: поскольку безбожная и богохульная газета "Почва" внезапно захотела за статью денег,ТУТ есть русский перевод, вроде бы полный.

New educational requirements issued by New York State’s Education Department for nonpublic and religious schools have the local ultra-Orthodox community up in arms.The new regulations, issued by the state’s education department last month, require that students in religious schools be taught subjects such as math, science, English, social studies, art and music for a total of about 34 hours a week.That would mean roughly eight hours of secular instruction four days a week. This is widely regarded as impossible, particularly for ultra-Orthodox boys’ yeshivas, which at the high school level currently offer zero or at most 1.5 hours of secular studies a day. The new rules will also have public school inspectors visiting yeshivas, beginning next February, to assess compliance.

The current guidelines expand that oversight and Haredi leaders are furious, with at least one describing it as “war.” In a speech late last month at a warehouse packed with Hasidim in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Satmar Rebbe Aharon Teitelbaum vowed that “the Jewish people will not surrender to the wicked, whoever they may be, even the state education commissioner. … We will not comply and we will not follow the state education commissioner under any circumstances.

Over the summer, a nonprofit group, Young Advocates for Fair Education, filed a lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the education department’s top two officials, saying a recently amended law that relaxed academic standards at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools would ensure that their students would continue to receive “a sub-standard secular education.”

Интересно будет посмотреть, чем закончится эта битва. Однако зная историю и особенности американской политической системы, лично я ставлю на руте ультра-ортодоксов.

Ну и чтобы два раза не вставать - небольшой отрывок из книги экс-хасида Шмуэля Дена (кто хочет книгу целиком, обращайтесь в комментах), объясняющий одну из причин, почему данные граждане так не хотят пускать к себе инспекторов:

Now we sat seven men in the room, six Mishna teachers along with Gavriel Stein. “The government,” he said,“has a program for tutoring students.” Title something or other.
“They’ll pay thirteen dollars an hour.”
“Thirteen dollars an hour?” all except me asked in unison. The others seemed to think the
amount was pitiful. I thought it sounded just fine. We were getting only nine for our Mishna
“Thirteen dollars an hour is what the government pays. You can set your own rate and get the rest from the parents.”
In the corner, a large American flag hung on a pole, incongruous behind this assemblage of black hats and long coats.
“Is this a scam?” I asked. Gavriel gave me a wary glance. “Not at all,” he said. “The rebbe doesn’t allow any more scams.”
There’d been problems in the past, with fraudulent use of government programs. Four men, including Gavriel himself, were given prison sentences, ranging from several months to six years. Three other men had fled the country to avoid prosecution. We’d learned our lessons.
Gavriel looked around to make sure we all understood.
“Because this is a government program, you’ll have to fill out progress reports, ” he went on, looking around at our bemused faces. “For each student, you fill out a sheet describing how the student is doing. You’ll need to be creative. Write how the student is doing in math, or in English, or social studies—”
“We’re tutoring math and English and social studies?”
Gavriel looked at me as if I were a child. “Of course not, ” he said. “But the government doesn’t pay for religious studies.”

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