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Israel’s chief rabbi won’t call Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life a synagogue

Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau on Sunday condemned the killing of 11 American Jews in the Conservative Tree of Life Synagogue, but could not bring himself to call the house of worship a synagogue, instead terming it “a place of clear Jewish character.”

His interviewer asked Lau to comment on the fact that “In the ultra-Orthodox media, they refused to refer to the Tree of Life as a Conservative synagogue, but as a ‘Jewish center’ in the best case.”

“We are talking about Jews,” Lau responded. “We don’t need to create issues at painful moments.”

Jews were killed in a place that for the killer was a place of clear Jewish character. A place with Torah scrolls, Jews in tallits, there are prayer books, there are people who went there to be closer to God,” he said. “Because of that the killer specifically went there and not somewhere else. That is why there is pain and anger.”

Действительно, как же назвать место, где есть свитки Торы и молитвенники, куда евреи в талитах собираются на молитву. Опять, опять эта проклятая неопределенность.

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